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         Color gel

Soak off color gel

This is the color gels ,with plenty of color to choose , conveniently working,no shrink. It has many 400 colors at present and develop more in the future by engineer to meet customer demand . ?(present color pls refer our color chart)

product of star£º
LED/UV soak off color oil gel 2047 . Colorless& Transparence ,good tenacity, fit for light color series .
LED/UV soak off color oil gel 2040 . Instantly freeze, high hardness, steady function. Fit for dark color oil gel.
LED/UV soak off black color gel 2042 . It is black gel ,good shine ,easily dry ,high holy place.
LED/UV soak off super white color gel 2043.Pure white gel,ideal hardness and good fluidity.
LED/UV soak off super shine no need clear polish gel 2876. This gel surface dry up well,very shiny,no shrinkage and no yellowish. low smell and good fuidity. anti-setting well.shuper white color,ideal hardness,best choice for high-class polish gel.

Color gel

This is a color gel .Instantly freeze, no shrink , color fullness . It has nearly 400 colors for customer to choose at present .Professional engineer will develop more colors for market demand .

product of star
UV color gel 1270.instantly freeze, low smell, high hardness,colorless and transparent .